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Organic Natural Colours Limited

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Hulya Kaya founded eco–friendly ONC. Because of her passion for using healthier organic products. Bahar Sakoglu’s tenacity and innovation helped grow the company. As a result, it became a leading brand in organic beauty products. It now spans three continents.

ONC was first to offer products without parabens in 2003. And without propylene glycol in 2012. Because ONC’s ethos is product innovation, quality, 360° communications, and in-depth training. So this helps deliver high-end products and services. As a result, ONC has an enviable record of accomplishment with its stakeholders.

Traditional hair color contains toxic chemicals. Harsh and powerful smelling chemicals such as ammonia, parabens and sulfates. So these damage the hair and irritate the skin. As a result, people are becoming allergic to chemical products more often. So demand for a healthier, natural alternative is at an all-time high.

“… Today organic products are everything and advances in hair color and care are long overdue.

So ONC promotes goods that will challenge everyone to view natural, organic color and care products differently…”

– Bahar Sakoglu

ONC products nourish and restore proteins and amino acids. As a result, this leaves hair softer feeling, smoother, healthier, shinier, and glossier. So no ONC products will stain your hands, face or scalp.

Best Organic Use of heat

ONC hair colors’ pH is very low. It does not open the cuticles of the hair with a high pH as chemical colors do. High pH levels harm hair. High pH is one of the main causes of split ends. So to get color in the hair with a low pH, ONC products use heat, from a heat cap or hair dryer, to open the cuticles. Because this is healthier.

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